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Our In- Office Professional Teeth Whitening  is applied by our experienced team of Dental superstars.  We aim to Brighten your smile safely and effectively.  You can enjoy instant, long lasting results! 

  • Our Teeth whitening gel contains potassium nitrate and fluoride for patient comfort

  • Noticeable whitening results in about an hour

  • A bright white smile as soon as you leave our office

  • Vegan—no animal products used

  • Certified gluten free

No whitening is permanent.  Depending on the type of treatment and degree of staining, whitening can last months or even years. But eventually it will need to be refreshed to maintain the desired shade of white.

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Benefits for getting a professional teeth whitening treatment with our team:

  • Remove Discoloration. ...

  • Remove Stains. ...

  • Improve Your Self-Esteem. ...

  • Smile More Often. ...

  • Reduce Bacteria. ...

  • Look More Youthful. ...

  • Hide Imperfections. ...

  • Be Prepared for that Big Event.

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The benefits of using custom whitening trays

A custom whitening tray fits well on a patient's teeth, which leads to improved whitening as their teeth are evenly immersed in the bleaching agent. The mouth tray also helps prevent the bleaching solution from getting into the person's gums during treatment.

Whitening & Retainer


See your new smile today

Your Smile Concierge Team 

Our team of professional and experienced Dental and Orthodontic Assisting superstars are here and ready to help you achieve the smile 

of your dreams! Using our 3D Itero Scanner and our Invisalign Outcome of Simulator, we are able to show you your new smile today! Ready to start your Invisalign Journey? We will happily forward your records to one of our preferred providers and assist you with your appointments. 

Retainers are Forever 

Retainers are effective in protecting the results of orthodontic care. Whether you have had Orthodontic treatment in the past or not, as long as you have teeth, they will continue to move! Don't take chances with your smile. Afterall, your clear retainer doubles as a whitening tray!

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Brighten your smile  with Invisalign