Are you new to Teeth Whitening?

Need help determining which package may be best?

Check out our shade guide and packages below. As a general guide, when choosing a package, determine your initial shade. Your results will be based upon package chosen, your starting shade and overall oral health. 

Please note; While we pride ourselves in our superior whitening gels, each client is different and actual results may vary. 

Do you have sensitive teeth? Are you normally unable to whiten due to this? We have you covered! Our whitening gels have little to no sensitivity and most clients are able to tolerate a 60 minute whitening session with no problem. That is, it is very rare that anyone is not able to sit through a 60 minute session! However, if for some reason your teeth become sensitive during our treamtment, no worries! A few minutes of our desensitizing gel will quickly take your sensitivity away!

Sensitive Teeth?

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Our Shade Guide

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Standard Whitening Packages


Show Stopping Whitening- 24 K Gold


Show up and show out with our  superior gold gel with maximum lifting capabilities.  Our maximum strength gel contains real 24k gold flakes for a splash of fun and excitement. This gel is for clients looking to maximize their results to  the brightest white and or those with more severe staining and discoloration. 

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For your information 

Please note; Final shade is determined by initial shade as well as overall oral health. A quick "oral health" screening is completed at the time of appointment to ensure you are a great candidate for any whitening service. We reserve the right to refuse treatment to any client if we feel that you overall oral health is not fit for services. We appreciate your understanding as your overall health and well being is our top priority.